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  1. just like ES63 said, thats a mod, not a plugin. minehut doesn't support mods for a variety of reasons, but in the future when proximity chat (good proximity chat) is supported, it'll most likely require a frick ton of ram. patience is key with minehut
  2. hellllllllo people of minehut forums, my name is griffin! (thats with an "i", not an "e") i've been doing minehut things for about 5 months now (not sure), and i just recently decided to become active on the forums! just bc this post is a bit short, heres some things i like to do in my free time! watch adventure time, play ukulele, and ofc, play roblox minecraft
  3. i have been developing with skript for months now, but all i've ever understood has been whats off of skripthub. i don't feel like im ever learning anything, and honestly want to relearn skript. how would i go about doing that?
  4. at least this gets a happy ending, kind of. but on a serious note, people having the audacity to use someones want to support and develop with a community and then turn it on said person is such a bad move. maybe minehut will start cracking down on these things soon, hopefully.
  5. if you are to host an smp, minehut does just the job. although the occasional downtime or updates are annoying, minehut has amazing ways to make your own plugins via skript, and use others made by community members alike.
  6. hello people of the minehut forums, im making my own server, and just wanted to know what makes a good server for you. whether it be the community, map, or content, please tell me! thank you!
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