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  1. If you mean show an Item's durability (Like a sword or a pick) you don't need a plugin, just click F3 + H
  2. Happy that your issue is solved!
  3. This depends for each server, generally an op might be the owner or an admin. You can still try doing /seed without being op but I'm not sure it will work
  4. Hello, yes there is a way. An op should run /seed in the said world and it will return the world's seed
  5. Yes and no, I like horrors but I get scared easily Have you ever asked something stupid to someone but not realizing it?
  6. Hi, my account just got hacked and I think someone is getting into minehut servers without me knowing. Is there any way to know if there is souspicious activity or any way I can protect my account? PS: I alredy changed my password and doing that all devices are discoennected, but I'd still like to know if there is some additional security I can use on minehut (like maybe a login system or idk)
  7. Dynmap is a plugin that allows the player to make a live map of his server's world. Link: Click me
  8. This is a blugin named "RottenFood" that gives food an expiration date and then it turns in rotten flesh. Plugin link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rottenfood.16979/ It can be useful for roleplay server or even survival
  9. Yes I know that sound like an ad but As I know It the only day to let Players execute commands As o without diving the op. I font know if its possibile via skript.
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