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  1. Dynmap is a plugin that allows the player to make a live map of his server's world. Link: Click me
  2. buccimichele5

    Server RAM

    Oh well, that might be a good idea
  3. buccimichele5

    Server RAM

    Hi! This feature is alredy in minehut, just go in server proprieties and then click on max player. If you see, more players you set, more ram you get. However you have to pay dailily credits. Also remember to set your server in hibernation mode to apply the ram change
  4. Imagine a server where there is a lobby server and a game server. In lobby server 1 player joined, in game server there is none online, so 2nd server stops. So if player in lobby server does /server <server name> and tries to join the game server, he won't get teleported, making this all useless. Also /join is not very used on servers (I know only 1 server that uses it, Valknet); but since this might be an issue, also making /server able to start up servers might be useful.
  5. well It seems a good idea to me, I know that there are many issues with this. But imagine if you could connect multiple servers and make like lobby in 1 server and game arenas in other ones, this is alredy possible but if there is noone in the server it closes so its almost useless. I dont know how you could limit this and prevent server from being keept up, but I know that you could find a way. Maybe by adding cooldown or something else.
  6. This is a blugin named "RottenFood" that gives food an expiration date and then it turns in rotten flesh. Plugin link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rottenfood.16979/ It can be useful for roleplay server or even survival
  7. wait, just let only players do /join in playerservers, also maybe a startup cooldown might be useful
  8. Yes I know that sound like an ad but As I know It the only day to let Players execute commands As o without diving the op. I font know if its possibile via skript.
  9. Oh hey! Yes /dl requires OP there isn't a permission! If you want to allow players to do it, I found an itresting way to do it! Maybe you can do it via chest commands a plugin (Available on minehut) that also allows to execute commands as op throught a GUI
  10. yes I also think that /server would be a good ide. but only if it would also let the servers start
  11. Let players do /join in player servers becouse for exaple if the server owner wants to "redirect" them to another specific server, he can do it. I saw /server <server-name> but it only works if the server is online
  12. I suggest you to add the plugin SlimexPansion and addon for the slimefun plugin. Link: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/slimexpansion_v1-0 It should work even if it isnt upated (I tried running it with an hamachi server on 1.14.4).
  13. https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/customnukes I round this plugin that looks very funny it would be useful in a lot of servers. For example it may be nice in my roleplay server to make grenades or nukes. It should be compatible with 1.14
  14. Hey I found a plugin that can be useful in a lot of cases https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/limited-creative.5873/ I know it isn't updated a lot but Is the only way to do something like this. I don't know if there is a similar updated plugin
  15. Hey guys I'm re-writing this post since I was in the wrong section... I saw that on the voting page (https://minecraftservers.org/server/443456), in the description of the server there is written: Cross Play!Our servers run on Spigot, but allow Bedrock players to connect! Try it out with pe.minehut.com So is this "coross play" possible? Becouse if I try to connect to that ip, it says Impossible to connect.
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