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  1. If you mean show an Item's durability (Like a sword or a pick) you don't need a plugin, just click F3 + H
  2. Hello, I created my own Plugin wich is called TheEye and I would really like if it could be added to Minehut. It is on spigot at this page. The main goal of the Plugin is to protect servers from known Rulebreakers, allowing server owners to report if they see any rulebreaker so he can be added to the list. The plugin supports 1.16 and its tested with 1.16.1 and should work fine with 1.16.2. If you need more info you can dm me on discord (@5mmx#2190)
  3. Happy that your issue is solved!
  4. This depends for each server, generally an op might be the owner or an admin. You can still try doing /seed without being op but I'm not sure it will work
  5. Hello, yes there is a way. An op should run /seed in the said world and it will return the world's seed
  6. Yes and no, I like horrors but I get scared easily Have you ever asked something stupid to someone but not realizing it?
  7. Hey! I like this idea, I think it should be added
  8. Hi, my account just got hacked and I think someone is getting into minehut servers without me knowing. Is there any way to know if there is souspicious activity or any way I can protect my account? PS: I alredy changed my password and doing that all devices are discoennected, but I'd still like to know if there is some additional security I can use on minehut (like maybe a login system or idk)
  9. Dynmap is a plugin that allows the player to make a live map of his server's world. Link: Click me
  10. Oh well, that might be a good idea
  11. Hi! This feature is alredy in minehut, just go in server proprieties and then click on max player. If you see, more players you set, more ram you get. However you have to pay dailily credits. Also remember to set your server in hibernation mode to apply the ram change
  12. Imagine a server where there is a lobby server and a game server. In lobby server 1 player joined, in game server there is none online, so 2nd server stops. So if player in lobby server does /server <server name> and tries to join the game server, he won't get teleported, making this all useless. Also /join is not very used on servers (I know only 1 server that uses it, Valknet); but since this might be an issue, also making /server able to start up servers might be useful.
  13. well It seems a good idea to me, I know that there are many issues with this. But imagine if you could connect multiple servers and make like lobby in 1 server and game arenas in other ones, this is alredy possible but if there is noone in the server it closes so its almost useless. I dont know how you could limit this and prevent server from being keept up, but I know that you could find a way. Maybe by adding cooldown or something else.
  14. This is a blugin named "RottenFood" that gives food an expiration date and then it turns in rotten flesh. Plugin link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rottenfood.16979/ It can be useful for roleplay server or even survival
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