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  1. i didnt really like the new one i miss the old
  2. ok thanks but i didn't do any of that but doesn't minehut have backups of severs?
  3. lol yeah i found i brewing stand with pinpoints in it and i was able to took them out and splashed them on spawn lololol
  4. so my sever got greifed pretty bad and idk how to roll it back to before it was greifed i do /save alot. is there any way to roll it back. its a survail world that i worked really hard on and i really hope that this is possable. the sever is meatbois5 plz help thanks, Krausehouse
  5. my server got griefed and how do u load a preivus save
  6. mabey blacksmiths are more rare in 1.14 idk
  7. ok so i did find a black smith but its pretty rare but still no animals spawning
  8. oh wait nvm its says it right there sorry i couldn't find it
  9. whats the correct section
  10. So when i made a superflat server i noticed two things 1. there were no animals spawning except for in villages (I had animal spawning on) also slimes and other hostile mobs spawned. 2. I checked lots of villages but i couldn't find a single blacksmith but other houses still generated but not a sinal blacksmith (i had structures on) my superflat server is on 1.14.4 and is a normal super flat on normal mode the server is ace135 My IGN is krausehouse is there any way to fix this? thanks, Krausehouse
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