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  1. Use the following application format when applying for staff. https://forms.gle/oVGzyq8nGEfhUNqh8
  2. Suggestion Format Please follow this format if you wish to post a suggestion. Alternatively, use the discord #suggestions channel. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion Name: A bold outline of what your suggesion is What you are proposing: Your idea, include detail about what changes this would make to the server / discord. How the server / community would benefit: How your idea would make Pixel Network better, include pros and cons if possible. Your IGN: Your Ingame name, so that we know to reward you / respond to you if your suggestion is commendable. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Username: J1Slxx What punishment did you receive: I was permanently banned for "fly". Was the punishment fair: I feel that it was unfair. Why should you be unpunished: I believe that I should be unpunished because my punishment was unjustified and abrupt. What were the events that led to your punishment: I have no clue, I logged on and was banned. Additional comments: Thank you for your time.
  4. Hey, I'm J1Slxx. I'm fairly new to the Minehut forums, I joined the discord yesterday but I've been playing on the server for a long time. I'm most often found on KitPvp servers as I like the fast pace pvp aspect. I have a hamster pet. I can Skript and Build pretty well. and yeah, that's me.
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