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  1. I'm someone who has been on Minehut since 2016, seeing this drama unfold. But it goes so much deeper than what you see.
  2. BennyDoesStuff because he does stuff.
  3. Hello! As you may have noticed, Skript Database has been dead in the last few months and I have returned to revive it. Skript Database's discord will be remade, we might actually make our Minecraft Server a valid server, and many other things. We will promise to work hard and be active from now on. If you know anybody who could possibly either help people in this club or benefit from players in the club, please let them know to join us. Sincerely, C_rbon
  4. This topic, also being led by me, has been converted into a club. Please join "The Minehut Investigation" forum club.
  5. until
    STAFF APPLICATIONS ARE OPENING! They will be on the discord!
  6. Founder of Skript Database

  7. join my clubbbbbbb

  8. A | Us using discord for talking B | Us using this for talking
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