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  1. Staff Applications You must be here as you want to apply for a staff position? Well here you can do so! Application Requirements - You need to be 13 years old. - You need to have a microphone. - You need to be familiar with all of our services. - You must not have had ANY major punishments in the last 2 months. Application Process 1. You post your application, and wait for a manager to review it. 2. If your application was accepted, you'll be messaged on discord, and required to have an interview, using your microphone. 3. If the manager that you had the interview with, was impressed, you will be accepted into the trial period. In the trial period, you will be a Trainee for a week, and if you are good in that week, you will become a Moderator! Application Format - What is your IGN? - How old are you? - What is your timezone? - How much time have you played the server? - What is your discord tag? - Why do you want to be staff? - Why are you better than others applying?
  2. Hey! You must be here as you want to apply? Heres some things you need to know: - If your application gets accepted, you will need an interview with a Staff Manager! - You need a microphone to be able to make an application! - You need to be 13 years old, or older! - You must have played the server for over an hour. Application Format: IGN: Age: Discord Tag: Timezone: Why do you want to be staff?: Do you have any past experience as a staff member?: Why do you think we should pick you as a Trainee over others applying?:
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