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  1. Ive been waiting for about a month now just for a reply from staff
  2. What about an offline edit mode that unzips the files but doesnt turn on the server?
  3. <snip> has this feature, so it can be done. It would probably just take a lot of work for Minehut to implement this though.
  4. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/noteblockmusicplayer.37295/ Only Dependency Compatible with 1.8-1.14 spigot Radio playing on specific point defined in config Whole server and world radios Repeating playlist Multiple radios at one time Edit playlists in-game Show hologram on position radio location. Actionbar message when you enter radio area Customatizable messages Customatizable holograms Different volume for every radio Player can change radios volume Limit listening using permissions The existing jukebox plugin icJukeBox isn't 100% functional in 1.14+ versions.
  5. Try tweaking the spawn-limits in your bukkit.yml file (located in root directory).
  6. +1 would be a cool alternative way for players to donate to servers.
  7. Just tested, you're right. For some reason it doesn't work. Some admin told me it would, sorry. Maybe it works without worldguard? I would suggest using CyberRyan's workaround till Minehut adds the spawn protection option to the server properties section.
  8. are you using any world protection plugins? did the command give you an error when you entered it?
  9. It comes in a .zip file with the plugin.jar file when downloaded.
  10. more info? what problem are you encountering?
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