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  1. I don't believe that there is a fix for this unfortunately, for now I would recommend using an alternative plugin that also suits your needs.
  2. Koroonotchii


    Appeal your ban here if you think it was false: https://forums.minehut.com/forum/24-player-appeals/
  3. I feel like you have a bit more freedom with Skript, so that would definitely be my choice
  4. Sorry man, I'm not too sure about your rules problem. In terms of AutoBroadcast, what plugin is that?
  5. Once you have edited the rules file, type /ess reload in game and then type /rules
  6. Do you have any other plugin that could be overriding /rules?
  7. Not myself no, but have a watch of this. Glad that your problem has been resolved!
  8. If you have Essentials installed, it should be in your plugins folder in the File Manager
  9. Hmmm, it should do? Send me a screenshot of your Essentials files.
  10. So, you can't connect to the Minehut Dashboard?
  11. Do you have Essentials installed? It should be there. To get the rules file, do /rules in game if you have not already and it will create a file called rules.txt
  12. If you do /rules in game, it should create a file for you if you haven't done it already. Then you can edit that file to your desire. You should be able to find it in the Essentials Plugin Files, which can be found in the File Manager (File Manager > Plugins > Essentials)
  13. Ah okay that's cool. I'm not too sure why you can't do /tp, maybe a permission thing. But I'm glad your concern has been addressed.
  14. Can you send me a screenshot of this just so I can get a better understanding of things? This isn't something I've come across before
  15. Try giving this command block tutorial a watch, make sure you follow the steps accurately
  16. What's the error that you receive? A permission error? Internal error?
  17. You can do this with the Essentials Config. Alternatively, another good plugin is Skript.
  18. You cannot upload mods or plugins, unfortunately.
  19. Install these plugins: ProtocolLib, Vault, Essentials, Slimefun, and CS-CoreLib Once you have installed them and restarted your server, there should be less plugins that are red in /plugins. Just remove the red ones after installing the dependency plugins because there may be a chance that the plugins are faulty/not up to date, however I would check your logs again just to be sure
  20. Upon inspection, KeepChunks is incompatible with your server version, which means that until a new update is released, you cannot use this plugin unfortunately.
  21. Yeah griefing is not allowed, report them if you have any evidence
  22. Let me have a look, run the command /dl logs in game and then reply with the link sent to you. I'll let you know of any visible errors
  23. Koroonotchii


    No you cannot upload Mods, you can only use Plugin that are on the Plugin List
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