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  1. ur a penguin 🐧

  2. You need to have OP permissions to use whitelist commands. Run the command /op (username) in the console
  3. Isn't there /pardon-ip?
  4. @Chilkins I am very proud of you
  5. If you don't like it, you can either leave, or politely make a suggestion about something that needs to be improved/altered. Making an angry forums post won't do you any favors.
  6. I'd recommend checking your logs for any errors, accessed with the command /dl logs in game. If you need help reading your logs, feel free to reply with the link you got in chat.
  7. If your friend has given you ownership of their server, then you can ask them for their dashboard account details.
  8. If you choose to use Skript, then here's an example on join: give 1 diamond to event-player
  9. Run the command /dl logs on your server, it will send a link in the chat to a paste of your server logs since startup.
  10. You can unban yourself, and your friend, in the console by running the command pardon (IGN).
  11. Hopefully this tutorial helps you out
  12. So that explains the friend request I got this morning
  13. Koronotchi

    Normal Banning

    It's happened to me once, so it is possible, I just don't know how it works :shrug:
  14. I know what the first one is, but I don't know about the second one? Must be a dead server
  15. Koronotchi

    Skript ranks

    You have code before "trigger:", all code has to be after it
  16. You could use the Skript Plugin: on chat: if message contains "word" or "secondword" or "thirdword": # Include as many as you want ban player due to "reason here"
  17. Like others have said, there should be diamonds in your world, the common y-coord being 17. Locked - Topic Addressed
  18. Please do not reply to a topic that's been inactive for over a month. Locked
  19. Koronotchi

    No permissions?

    Locked (Topic Addressed)
  20. Moved from Servers to Community Support Please use the correct category next time
  21. Moved from Skript Discussion to Suggestions (Plugins) Please use the correct category next time
  22. Moved from Servers to General Yes, the maximum player count as of now is 200.
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