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This is the official club for the Foundation Netowk on Minehut. This includes 1v1MH and more to come.

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  2. We are looking for a new Developer to join the Foundation Development Team! Candidates should be prepared to work both independently and with others to produce a variety of content ranging from new games and updates to existing ones to the creation of marketing tools and events. Requirements: Be at least 14 years of age, no exceptions. Minimum of 2 years experience in Skript. Experience with every Minehut Skript Addon. Knowledge of Skript Functions. Experience in Minecraft Server Administration Anything else the Development Manager feels necess
  3. Please copy and paste this format into your punishment appeal. Note that you cannot appeal a punishment if it contains [Blacklist] in the reason. If the punishment is a mute and contains [Blacklist], you cannot appeal. What is your IGN? What is the punishment type? Why do you feel you should be unpunished? Anything else we should know? Please take a screenshot of the punishment. Do not not contact staff regarding your appeal. It will not be accepted if you do so.

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