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The Minehut Club for the duping server DUPRS

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  2. Hello, this appeal does not follow the guidelines set for our appeals. Furthermore, in the Discord rules it states that you must follow Discord's TOS. Using a MessageLogger is highly against that. You showed proof in the Discord server that you were using a message logger. Me not liking you has nothing to do with this, I do not hate you, I am simply just making sure that the rules are upheld. You will not be unbanned for this, as you have broken a rule that violates our server and Discord's.
  3. Username: IdkWhatUsernameToHave#7274 MC IGN: its a server ban you dont need it why i was banned: echo doesnt like me and banned me for "message logger" although i deleted it and it isnt stated in the actual rules why should i be unbanned: i've said i deleted the message logger and i understand he doesnt like me lmao but its worth a shot lmfao note: I didnt put any grammar in as i should be unbanned anyway it was a false ban lmao
  4. Hello, This is Bassouli This did take place 3 months ago, and you were muted for 6 hours. But due to an issue with the bot at the time, the mute was forever. I have unmuted you. This topic is to be locked
  5. 1. Minecraft username: Egono 2. Discord username and tag: Egono#0001 3. Platform of the punishment: Discord 4. Type of punishment: mute Appeal 1. What do you plead? not guilty 2. I dont think so. 3. I think i was muted because i was chatting too fast? (it was more than 2 months ago)

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