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Favorite Server?


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Over the many years of servers being made on minehut, which are your favorite and why, I have a few...

PlexPvp: Opening my horizons back into minehut and into staffing

MineEdge: Showed me first hand what skript was and how to use it

This isn’t meant to be discriminatory, just to see what servers you remember and loved/love

Skript Developer

Owner of the Skript Club

Minecraft player since 2009

Minehut member since 2016




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my server is cool.


must agree.

Insisting Discord » https://discord.gg/64dJQmnBW9


I now go by the name vitalResource rather than Nookn.

First joined in 2015 under the alias of Nookn.

Primarily known during my time in Minehut from Prohost.gs (oct. 2015) till around 2019 Minehut where I took a longer hiatus until Feb 2021, where I came back and still participating actively in events.

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