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Minehut Remake


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I Just Started So Sorry It Doesnt Work If Not You need Skript Add-Ons      Come To My Server: CloutHutMc.minehut.gg

command /gui:
        open virtual chest inventory with size 6 named "&e&oServer List" to player
        wait a tick
        loop {servers::*}:
            set {_a} to loop-index # the number of when it was added, no biggie
            set {_a} to {_a} - 1 # to start at 0 for the gui
            format gui slot {_a} of player with paper named "&7%loop-value%" with lore "&aClick to join!" to do nothing

on inventory click:
    if event-inventory is not player's inventory:
        set {_server} to name of clicked slot
        replace all "&7" in {_server} with ""
        execute console command "mvtp %player% %{_server}%"
on right click:
    if player's held item is paper named "&e&lServer Browser" with lore "&7(Right Click)":
        cancel event
        make player execute "gui"
on join:
    remove "bitch" from {servers::*}
command /c [<text>]:
        if {created::%uuid of player%} >= {maxservers::%uuid of player%}:
            send "&cYou reached your max server limit!"
        if arg-1 is not set:
            send "&eSet a server name."
        loop {servers::*}:
            if loop-value is arg-1:
                send "&cServer name already taken!"
        add 1 to {created::%uuid of player%}
        execute console command "mv create %arg-1% normal -g VoidGenerator:PLAINS"
        send "&bYour Server is being created, Please stand still."
        wait 5 seconds
        execute console command "mvtp %player% %arg-1%"
        send "&bEnjoy your Server!" to player
        send "&bUse &a/Panel &bto open your server panel"
        send "&c&l(!) NOTE (!) &cIf you change your IGN, your server will be LOST (!)"
        # add something here with skungee later
        add arg-1 to {servers::*}
        set {owner::%world%} to player
every 1 tick:
    loop all players:
        if loop-player does not have permission "bypass":
            set {maxservers::%uuid of loop-player%} to 1
            set {maxservers::%uuid of loop-player%} to 999999 #idk

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