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  1. Can u make it so we can join someones is and create /is warp
  2. Fully Skripted Events Happen Every Day Nearly SkyPvp/ Mining
  3. do u want to see what it looks like (btw im anox)
  4. I Just Started So Sorry It Doesnt Work If Not You need Skript Add-Ons Come To My Server: CloutHutMc.minehut.gg command /gui: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with size 6 named "&e&oServer List" to player wait a tick loop {servers::*}: set {_a} to loop-index # the number of when it was added, no biggie set {_a} to {_a} - 1 # to start at 0 for the gui format gui slot {_a} of player with paper named "&7%loop-value%" with lore "&aClick to join!" to do nothing on inventory click:
  5. Hi, i'd like to request for a plugin called "PremiumVanish" (SuperVanish but more advanced) but the thing is it's paid so if you add it for credits, what about the ones who already purchased from SpigotMC? I already bought it and even if i shown you a screenshot, you most likely wont believe me.
  6. Go to saicopvp and when you kill mobs u get heads then the amout off heads you have like 2304 chicken heads you can make a chicken mask with No Fall Damage
  7. SaicoPvP Is a Huge Factions Server That has this custom mask skript that i really want but cant make can someone make it for me please and send me a skript off it thank you
  8. My Server Is A Faction Server But I have multiple rn i am currently trying to work on a Headflipping Skript Like a server Called SaicoPvP My Server IP: CloutPvP.minehut.gg Discord: ItzAnox#7306
  9. I need a skripter to help with my server i have 2 devs but they arnt as fast as i need them to be (U Dont get Console To Server) Send me Skripts i need With PasteBin.com CONTACT ME: DISCORD- ItzAnox#7036 Server: FarmerMc.minehut.gg
  10. Can U Fix The keys because when i use them they stay in my inventory
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