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Staff application - Prophacy


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Minecraft Username: prophacy (Harrroo)

Discord Name: prophacy#2411

Age: 14

Timezone: CST

Can you speak fluently in any over languages (Multilingual)?: I can speak Urdu and good English


Do you have a microphone: Yes

Are you able to record: Yes, I record with OBS


Why are you applying for staff on Atrosity:

First of all I quit minecraft for about like a month and went back to it and saw on minehut that Atrosity is still out. And I use to play Atrosity so I wanted to check it out. And I saw that it grew a lot. I also saw that the amount of staff was very little. I also saw a staff giving false warns and false bans. I thought that it was wrong so I wanted to apply so I can teach other staff how to get better at helping the server. And I also saw how when no staff was online the players start breaking the rules mostly at night time. I want to change that by staying on the server for as long as I can and not get distracted by anything else.

What makes you a better applicant than others?

The first thing that makes me better is how active I will be in a day. I will be on alot so I can make sure there are no rule breakers and everyone follows the rules. Also I have the capability to adapt and change to situations which makes me perfect to be a role of a staff member, this would also let me see the point of view of both sides and would allow me to break down a situation more easier. I am capable of thinking of new and creative ideas that I think would be cool and would enhance player experience. And I have known ItzOP for so long that I want to help him and it makes me want to try my best even more.

Do you have any previous experience if so what?

Yes, but most are in Minehut. I use to be staff in this one server that was called LitPVP it was a factions server. I deeply enjoyed it but I couldn't handle their inactive staff. Whenever I logged on their were no staff online. I hated that I had to do all the stuff myself. And when I wanted to ask a question there would be no staff to answer the question for me. That is why I resigned from LitPVP and moved to minehut. I then became staff on multiple servers applying back and forth. And then I came to Atrosity, I became staff when I joined the first time and I was a helper. Then after a while I started acting immature and that lead to me getting demoted. I then really started thinking of me being more mature. I have become way more mature than last time. I now know that if you become too immature then that will lead to people getting false warns, me getting reported for jokes, and false bans. so now i'm here applying for Atrosity again.

How much time will you be able to contribute to being staff?

This is the best part of me being staff (the amount of time I spend on my computer)

Weekdays: Monday: 4-7 Hours Tuesday: 3-5 hours Wednesday: 3-5 Hours Thursday: 3-5 Hours 

Weekends: Friday: 7-8 Hours Saturday: 10 hours Sunday: 6 hours 

What would you class as your biggest strength?

My biggest strength would be if there was a fight going on in chat and I can solve the issue. I listen to both sides of the story and just see what happened and try to resolve as precise as I can. I also have a strength of finding hackers because I use to watch videos with people hacking in it and I use to catch hackers before. I saw the movements of players while they are hacking and which hack it is.

What activities do you do outside of minecraft?

I don't do any activities I basically sit on my computer or take a nap and sometimes I go out and play football with my friends.

Have you been banned on any servers if so what?

I actually haven't been banned on any server that I can recall right now.

How do you think the community would feel about you being staff?

The staff will be ok with me because I know alot of the staff. (chokeonwater, Memorialday, ItzOP, pokedog44, etc...) The community wouldn't be bothered with me being staff because I try to act nice and try to act fitting with the coomunity. People will like me being staff because i will be to be a fair staff.


Will you be able to do a voice interview?

Yes, but at certain times because sometimes I cant do it because its loud in my house usually.

Will you be able to come to staff meetings?

Yes, unless i'm not online.






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