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Staff Process

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ClickInABox Staff Process

Hey! Thank you for wanting to apply for staff on Click! The  staff team worked on this process in order to find the best staff for the job. Although the process seems long, it will help us determine who is ready to dedicate their time to Click and helping out. As long as you be yourself, you should do fine.  Please take the time and read over the entirety of the process if you plan on applying. This will be extremely useful to know what you will be doing through this process. This process may be changed depending on the results of it. Also, it should go without saying that anything learned during any stage of the process should be kept private and should NOT be leaked. Doing so will result in a blacklist.

Stage 1 - Application Stage

This is the first stage of the staff process. You start by using the application format in the "Staff Applications" tab . Using that format, create a new topic under applications. Paste in your application and be sure it uses the correct format. Please be sure you are answering each question truthfully and to the best of your ability. This application will help us get an understanding of your ability. The following are some things we look for to help guide you through your application

  • Detail - One of the main thing we look for is detail. If your application does not have a lot of detail, it shows that you did not put much effort into your application. If you can't take the time to put in effort in your application, then you should not be staff.


  • Experience - Experience is an essential thing for a staff member to have. You learn a lot of things from experience as a staff member, and the more experience you have,  the more we can see that you have the potential to be a good staff member.


  • Requirements - Our requirements were set there for a reason. We believe the requirements we set are the best in order to make sure our staff members will be mature and professional. We want to make sure you meet these requirements because it will show us you might be mature and professional.

The previous points are some things we look for when we go through applications. We look into a lot of other things including this. We look into your playtime to make sure you are active in game. We look at your punishment history and take into account your history. We also take into account your behavior in game and activity in the discord. Once you are accepted, you will be invited to the interview stage.

Stage 2 - Interview Stage

If you're application was accepted, you have made it to this stage. Upon entering this stage, you will receive an invite to our interview discord. Once you are in this discord, you will have to schedule an interview with the staff team. You will be asked questions about how you would fit in the the current staff team. The interview questions for this stage will change depending on who is in the current staff team. You will be asked questions by the manager and usually 1 other admin. This is just to see how you will fit in with everyone else because we want to have a staff team that is able to work together well.  These interviews will be recorded and the staff team will all have a say in your interview. You shouldn't be nervous in this interview as it is just a chat with the staff team to see how you would do. If you make it though this stage you will be accepted onto the staff team!

- ClickInABox Management Team

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