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finding a investor for my server


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hi my name is keith and im working on my minecraft server for a while now and now im seeking investors for my minecraft server named MultiversalBending a survival minecraft server themed with the one and only projectkorra plugin heres a doc to convince people to invest: MultiversalBending is owned and developed by: Keitoroo With over 2 years of server owning experience, I am to provide a great experience. After raising $60 without advertising the server on my first try, we are looking for investors to bring in more players with advertising. Survival: Crates Ranks Tags Quests Custom Plugins And more! Marketing: $0 / $438 Received $40 - Banner Design $60 - Server Hosting Payment $60 - 2 Week MCM ad $200 - Sponsored Slot on minecraft-server-list.com $12 - New .com domain $19 - Crafting Store Platinum Expecting to receive 75 - 150 players from minecraft-server-list.com Expecting 25 - 50 players from MCM Trailer reuploads: Overview: Expecting to bring 200 - 400 players (based on observing how other servers have done with similar advertising) The crafting store platinum will give us chargeback prevention, allowing for a safe environment to invest in and be paid back. Investors will receive a 130% ROI on their investment (ex: $100 -> $130) We are expecting around $1,000 - $1,600 in donations Investments will be paid back in order of greatest to least (please be patient) Additional funds (over $438 mark) from donations will go into server funds/ developer/ staff/ investors. please add my discord if you're interested: catscupid

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