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Anti Naked Kill Skript


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I was looking through forums and found a skript for anti naked killing:

on damage of player:
  if attacker is a player:
    if victim isn't wearing armor:
      cancel event
      send "&c&lHey!&7 You can't kill unarmored players." to attacker
    if attacker isn't wearing armor:
      if victim is wearing armor:
        cancel event
        send "&c&lHey!&7 You can't kill players while not wearing armor." to attacker
Creds: 8pixel

I dont know how to skript myself so I thought I would ask here. How would I make it so they still cant be attacked 
if they have armour in their inventory, enderchest and pvault. I am using these plugins: 
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That should already be a thing. In this case, the skript only allows pvp if both players are wearing armor. Having armor in a PV, Enderchest, or simply in their inventory does not count as wearing it, so they should be protected regardless. 

If I got your post request wrong, let me know lol

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For the inventory, you could do something like this (untested, but should work in theory)

if victim's inventory contains armor:

As for the Enderchest/PVs, I'm not quite sure, since Skript does not have integration into the plugin Personal Vaults (as far as I'm aware).

For Enderchest, you are using a Custom Enderchest plugin, which likely creates a Custom GUI and completely replaces the default Enderchest, so Skript's Enderchest support would not function for it.

I do not know quite what to do for the PVs and EnderChests, but hopefully the inventory bit helps!


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