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MinehutStuff Update!


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hello everyone!

I know its been a while since I lasted updated MinehutStuff. But just added some cool new features! You can view a full list of features by running /features.

Bot Invite: https://dsc.gg/minehutstuff

Server Command Updates
The /server command now has some new info from before. It displays Minehut's new plan names, and also shows how much daily time the server has left if it is on the free plan.

Player Command Updates
The /player command is now slightly different. It shows the player rank in a cool colored format using ansi. It has also been combined with the /friends command. You can also now see the rank distribution of a player's friends.

Support DMs
Do you have a question relating to the bot or just Minehut in general? You can now DM the bot for help relating to them! When you DM the bot, the messages get sent to our private channel where our knowledgeable staff team will help you with any of your issues. Our goal is to respond to any users within 24 hours. Abuse of this system will get you a ban from the **entire** bot.

Note that this is not a replacement for the official Minehut Support team. If you need help from the official Minehut support team, please create a ticket here on their support website.

This is one of your biggest features yet. You can use the /mlnehut command to request a custom redirect for your project or Minehut server. You can use this to redirect it to something like your server's store. This redirect will look like https://mlnehut.com/myserver.

You can view a list of your redirects and delete them through the /redirects command.

Once you send a request, they have to be manually approved by the admin team. Once approved or denied, you will recieve a DM about it. You can have more than 1 redirect but you can only request 1 at a time.

Discord - tarna256

In-game name - _Tarna_

Website - https://tarna.dev
Paste Site: https://paste.tarna.dev


[VIP] - 7/27/2020

Community Support - 7/8/20 | 11/3/20

Helper  - 11/3/20 - 2/21/21

Moderator - 2/21/21 - 5/17/21

❤️ - 5/17/21 - now

Moderator - 12/20/22 - now



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