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Looking for a /invsee skript that you cant remove items


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Hello guys,


I am looking for a skirpt where normal players have perms to do /invsee but not remove items. I do have a inv skript if you could get it to work the way i want it to:


	Prefix: &f[&bCore&f]
	Denied: &cYou do not have permission for this command!
	Invsee Permission: invsee.use
	No Player: &cPlease specify a player!

command /invsee [<player>]:
	permission: "{@Invsee Permission}"
	permission message: {@Prefix} {@Denied}
		if arg 1 is not set:
			send "{@Prefix} {@No Player}"
			open the arg-1's inventory for the player



Owner of OverSlept

Jr Mod on IdealBox

Developer on CoreNetworks

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