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Need help with MongoSK

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Hello forums!
I'm a little stumped at the moment with a skript I am making. I am trying to use MongoSK for data storage on my server, but I am having issues getting MongoSK to cooperate with me. Could someone figure out what I am doing wrong, and/or a fix for this?

The following is a snippet of my test skript. This snippet is run within a command trigger.

# Assume {-mongo::players} is a collection with documents. One document has the field {"id":2}
# I am trying to retrieve the field "name" from the document where id=2, and message it (to the player within a command)

set {_query} to new mongo query
set mongo collection of {_query} to {-mongo::players}
set {_myfilter} to new mongosk filter where field "id" is 2
set mongo filter of {_query} to {_myfilter}
set {_doc} to first mongo document of query {_query}
message "%value ""name"" of {_doc}%"

The following is the errors I get when reloading:

Could anyone find a way to rid this skript of these errors and find out what (probably very obvious) mistake I have made?

Best regards,

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Looking at that, not sure why its not working. That looks similar to the example on skripthub docs. Do you have MongoSK 2?

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