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Where did my house go?!?



I was having a great time playing on my server with my friends, we spawned in a jungle and had a fun house with birds and everything, but then when I got on today I wasn't where i logged off before and in fact my whole world had been reset! but I didn't do this, as the admin I am the only person able to do that and I didn't so where the heck did my house go?!

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I'm new to hosting servers with minehut and stuff, but a few things came to my mind about how this happened:

1) You may have accidentally clicked on "Reset Server" in the Danger Zone in the Dashboard of your server thinking it'd just close and reopen your server instead of actually clicking the "restart" button at the side of "stop". Happened to me a while ago, so maybe this happened to you too.

2) Someone may have pass-guessed your account, went into the dashboard, and reset your server. This is probably NOT what happened, but it could be possible.

3) A bug. Yes, a bug. Even though Minecraft doesn't have that many bugs, there definitely are some gamebreaking ones out there that nobody knows about.

4) [This is probably not possible but since I'm new to Minehut I have no idea if this is possible or not.] Maybe you gave admin to a minehut user to access your dashboard and servers?? I don't think this even is possible but who knows.


That's everything I can think of. I hope this helped you I guess.


(Please forgive my bad english spanish is my first language)

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Did you change the "level name" field in the settings section on the panel? If so, change that back to what it was. That sets the default world of the server and is not to rename a world. Change it back, click save, and restart the server. 

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