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Uploading a world



I'm trying to upload a world I made in creative in single player because I used world edit to make my map. for some reason whenever I try to upload it on mine hut it says "An error occurred. Please try again." and when I do /ul world placeholder https://file.io/mJy2R91bt6CF It says upload successful but when I try to join the world with /worlds and /world, it says "that world doesn't exist!"

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Make sure your world name does not contain spaces or special characters, and that you zipped the contents of the world folder instead of the world folder itself.

Also remember that file.io links are one-time, and that you have to reupload it next time you try

File.io up to 100 MB

Dropbox up to 500 MB (Don't forget ?dl=1 on the share link)


DMs open - Discord » mrtibo | or send a forum message

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