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I have build a spawner based skeleton grinder and it does not work



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Strange, to me knowledge these sort of things usually work anyways... Try restarting your server, see if it works then. If not, use the vanilla forceload command to always load those specific chunks. - https://www.digminecraft.com/game_commands/forceload_command.php#:~:text=You can use the %2Fforceload,force loaded will load constantly.

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20 hours ago, Mini_iron_golum said:

I build a mob grinder that drops the skeletons spawned via spawner 22 blocks down so they can be one-hit killed however within the killing area it does not seem like the spawner is rendered and the farm does not work

Make sure the player that is using the farm is standing within 16 blocks of the spawner, otherwise it won't be activated.

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