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Dupe And Random Item server


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Hello! Can Someone help me ? I want to make a Dupe and A Random Item server but i dont know how to script and dont find right ones that i think would be good. Im searching for an Normal /dupe Script and  A random item Generator that gives me every 10 Seconds a random item. Yea many poeple made that But i dont find one where u can disable the random items  script like i dont find a script that made a /items or /toggleitem . Does anybody could help me ?


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Hey there Luca_NotFound! To script a dupe command, you can use the following (random item included as well):

command /dupe:
  give player player's tool

every 30 seconds:
 give player random element of all items


Note: "give player random element of all items" could give them bedrock or a command block, or anything you don't want them to have.

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