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Unable to join server



recently a friend and i made a server, but we got disconnected from it out of nowhere. it says the servers offline, but when we try to connect to it, it says that the server is not found. we didnt delete the server, nor did we change the ip. i've been trying to keep in touch with my friend, tell him to restart the server from the website and see if that works but ive been getting no response. so is there any possible way i could get back into the server, without using anything from the website ?

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Hey there,

You can start and join the server from the Minehut lobby, which you can find at "Minehut.com", by using the command "/join servername". If your friend has changed the name of the server, there is unfortunately no way to find the new server name, unless your friend tells you.

If I helped you at all, leave a like!

IGN: _omga
Discord: omega#1000


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