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Artifact ressource pack dont shows up



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There are three things you can try doing:

1. Open up your 'Resourcepacks' in-game and look to the left of your screen to see if the resourcepack is there so you can input it.

2. Go to your Main Menu > Multiplayer > Select Minehut > Click 'Edit' > Underneath the IP will be a button called 'Enable server resourcepacks' we want that set to 'Enabled'.

3. Restart your Minecraft entirely.

If none of these work, you should join a new lobby or simply try again later.

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22 minutes ago, 3FISHEYE said:

Im clicking on the npc to join at the artefact lobby and it says in the chat You must accept the ressource pack to play the game but i dont even ask me

Try enabling resource packs for Minehut in the server list.

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