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Skripting (/Dupe & /Toggle)



I'm making a Dupe server, and without knowledge of skripting, I went online and looked at a tutorial. It looked pretty good so I copied what was on the tutorial and run /skript reload dupe, just to be greeted with "Found 10 Errors" or whatever it says. This is the skript:image.thumb.png.38068c2c87acb2ad2b6d5cd72f35c6bd.pngIf someone who knows a dupe skript can read this and tell me a way to fix it, please. Go ahead.

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Hey there.

You probably got an indentation error and errors related to loops.

Here, I've made one for you. Copy paste this, save, reload and enjoy. 🙂

(untested, report any errors if any)

every 10 seconds:
    give (all players where [{ri::*} contains input's uuid]) random element of all items

command dupe:
        give player player's tool

command toggle:
        if {ri::*} contains player's uuid:
            remove player's uuid from {ri::*}
            send "&7You will &cno longer &7recieve random items."
        add player's uuid to {ri::*}
        send "&7You will &anow &7recieve random items every &a10 seconds&7."


Next time, use the Skript category to post skript related questions.

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It still has 1 error. /toggle does not work. Error message:


Cant understand this condition/effect: give all players (random element of all items) where [{ri::*} contains input's uuid] (dupe.sk, line 2: give all players (random element of all items) where [{ri::*} contains input's uuid])

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