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  1. Pls help i made a dupe server but dont know how to prevent spawn eggs and illegals! I need skripts asap!!!
  2. Thanks! The skript worked well and hackers are not hacking anymore on my server!
  3. It still has 1 error. /toggle does not work. Error message: Cant understand this condition/effect: give all players (random element of all items) where [{ri::*} contains input's uuid] (dupe.sk, line 2: give all players (random element of all items) where [{ri::*} contains input's uuid])
  4. I'm making a Dupe server, and without knowledge of skripting, I went online and looked at a tutorial. It looked pretty good so I copied what was on the tutorial and run /skript reload dupe, just to be greeted with "Found 10 Errors" or whatever it says. This is the skript:If someone who knows a dupe skript can read this and tell me a way to fix it, please. Go ahead.
  5. Also, it seems like its only that server that has missing files. My other server is fine. I might just have to reset my other server and use that.
  6. You COULD get an account to sit inactive on a server if there are no Anti-AFK Plugins to keep the server Open. But if you're using your main you cant rlly play. Mabye use Thealtening...
  7. My server is up, if that helps. Do I need to close it while I use the file manager?
  8. I have tried to open my File Manager to add a skript for my Dupe server, but when i tried loading it I got a loading screen for around 5 minutes then it loads, but there's no files. I have images to show it loading, then no files. Please help if you can!
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