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i just recently got reported on these forums, bc i was saying very bad words, now, this is true, but before, he, on minehut said like the same thing, now i dont have any evidence bc i didnt take a screenshot, but im just saying that i, saying what you see, here https://forums.minehut.com/topic/36899-minecraft-report/  i said that to try and defend myself, bc i was scared of what he said before, now i know i shant have done that, im responsable for my actions, but just saying he also threatened me to be be=anned perm from discord and mc, which i would HATE A LOT, but also he said if i didnt give him 100$ he would keep the report. This is child abuse, as i am under 16, so please take this seriously and dont ban me please i love mc and minehut.

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Why tf would you cry about losing your mc and discord account... ;-;


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Hello, to avoid drama I will be locking this thread. If you would like to appeal a punishment, you may do so here. If you would like to report a user you may do so here. That will be all.

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