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  1. I will accept you as a trial moderator. If I see that you improve you will be hired.
  2. How much time do you contribute is, how online you will be and do stuff.
  3. Follow the format, LOCKED
  4. I'm sorry I have to DENY this application. As you must need more strengths to become a staff member! You may reapply in 2 weeks! Locked
  5. Lol how were you flying first lmfao
  6. Dear staff members, Please read the information below. Username: Keenu What punishment did you receive: A Permanent ban for cheating. Was the punishment fair: Yes Why should you be unpunished: I have taken all my hacked clients and cheats out of my files and I have removed them. I am truly sorry for ruining player's experience by cheating. I know I shouldn't of done this and so I am very sorry. I think I deserve another chance because, I have removed every cheat and I'm truly sorry for my actions. Please forgive me, Keenu. What were the events that led to your punishme
  7. Accepted. Please join to receive your rank! Locked
  8. Half Half, Accepted or denial in the interview
  9. Copy this appeal format, if denied. You may not re appeal again, buy an unban from: hyrixstore.buycraft.net Ign you were banned on; Reason you were banned for: Are you guilty (yes or no): Do you have any evidence of you innocence? Why you think you should be unbanned Did you learn from this situation? If denied you must buy an unban or you will stay banned!
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