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  1. Thanks alot man to make an unberakable pick its just give unbreakable wooden pickaxe, anyways thanks alo!!
  2. Hey I dont know how to make a skript when you do /start and it gives u an unbreakable pickaxe, BUT you can only use the command one time. And I need a command to reset it incase I make new seasons...
  3. wow what a nice guy idk how he has a *verified* youtube channel lmao

  4. Keenu_MC


    Nah it wasnt fake hes 10 and i banned him from my server LMFAO
  5. I will accept you as a trial moderator. If I see that you improve you will be hired.
  6. How much time do you contribute is, how online you will be and do stuff.
  7. I'm sorry I have to DENY this application. As you must need more strengths to become a staff member! You may reapply in 2 weeks! Locked
  8. Accepted. Please join to receive your rank! Locked
  9. Half Half, Accepted or denial in the interview
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