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suffix skript


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i sent this to someone an hour ago so i might aswell release it- keep in mind this was first used on the server insistings



command suffix [<text>]:
    permission: permission.node
        if arg-1 is not set:
            send title "&dDONATOR PERK" with subtitle "&7Suffix removed from your chat messages." to player
            set {suffix::%player's uuid%} to "&7"
        if arg-1 is set:
            send title "&dDONATOR PERK" with subtitle "&7Suffix set to: %colored arg-1%" to player
            set {suffix::%player's uuid%} to colored arg-1

Make sure to update the permission node to whatever permission you want them to have to use the suffix, and make sure to add the custom chat addon below or they won't be able to see their suffix when they talk.

Custom Chat Addon:


&8[&7%{suffix::%player's uuid%}%&8]

Set suffix to "/suffix" if not set:


    if {suffix::%player's uuid%} is not set:
        set {suffix::%player's uuid%} to "/suffix"

This will update everyone who joins the server who has not got an actively set suffix

Example if done correctly:



dont ask me to help you if you cant get it to work, figure it out yourself, im busy making my server

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Nice, skript! However, you can save storage instead of doing

    if {suffix::%player's uuid%} is not set:
        set {suffix::%player's uuid%} to "/suffix"

do this to your suffix thingy

&8[&7%{suffix::%player's uuid%} ? "/suffix"%&8]

You may need to double up your quotes tho



Likes are appreciated ❤️


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Very pog! Keep it up!


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