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SK-Perm not working?


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When I use this code:

command /permission <offline player> <string> <string>:
	aliases: /perm
	permission: cryoperm.admin, op
	usage: /permission <player> <add/remove> <permission>
		if arg-2 is "add":
			add arg-3 to arg-1's permissions
		else if arg-2 is "remove":
			remove arg-3 from arg-1's permissions
			send "/permission <player> <add/remove> <permission>"

it says 

Line 13: Permissions of the 1st argument can't have anything added to it (script.sk, line 13: add arg-3 to arg-1's permissions')
Line 15: Permissions of the 1st argument can't have anything removed from it (script.sk, line 15: remove arg-3 from arg-1's permissions')

even though i'm pretty sure i'm using the correct syntax for sk-perm. Why is this happening?

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No clue.


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Maybe try <player> instead of <offline player>. Make sure you have vault, here is the link to the documentation for Vault Universal: Player's Permissions.



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