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Impossible to spawn in the server after something I did



So, recently I had been using a minehut server just fine-- that is, until I accidentally spawned a banner with a colour data of 16, which doesn't exist. This instantly gave the error, io.netty.handler.codec.encoderexception java.lang.nullpointerexception, and sent me to the lobby. I am unable to connect to my server, and I would love for a way to fix it! I have spent over 70 hours in this server and it means a lot to me. Any help is appreciated! I'm pretty sure that if I managed to reset my inventory there's a chance the problem would go away but I'm unsure how to do that without actually being in the server... I have to add that this was done using a command block, and that the command block might also be the source of the problem, in which case I have no idea how to even begin to fix that. Since the server files aren't with me I really can't do much here.


EDIT: Problem has been resolved! I used the file manager to delete my playerdata folder and it worked like a charm! 

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Reset the world? If not i would just reset the server.

Anyways, thats all i got.

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