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  1. This is gonna change everything!
  2. Minehut are currently trying to fix host nodes and add more host nodes and then they will increase the server capacity even more. Just be patient and it will happen. Also make sure you're in the minehut discord and you will be notified for any changes: https://discord.gg/SGnDTwY
  3. The plugin is awesome for roleplay servers but sadly the plugin doesn't support 1.14 -1
  4. You can report him to the minehut staff team, and they will deal with it properly. Click here to make a report! Make sure you have evidence of him griefing, If not, the staff team can't really do anything to help you. You can restore grief by installing CoreProtect, Very useful & advanced. (just some little advice)
  5. TacticalModz

    New Update

    Honestly if i can only pick obe thing i would say the server capacity. But if not just one choice i would also pick the ips too
  6. This used to be a feature 2 years ago when Luuke owned minehut. This needs to get added back. +1
  7. More perks would be nice. +1
  8. Minehut doesn't support mod packs. Only plugins which are addons for your server. Basically more features
  9. Well when i do "-1" in the idletimeout it doesn't work. Welp idk then maybe i need to be on 1.14.4 or something cos when i was on 1.12.2 and did -1 it doesn't work
  10. I never claimed the film is not PG. The server name "bigmomma" is not PG on ValkNet, All server names must be appropriate.
  11. Omg yes i need the ipbans!!! and also more servers finally! Best update ever
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