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The problem with BoxMining/SkyMining Servers


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1. The Premise:

Mine blocks

Upgrade tools with blocks you mined

Mine more blocks


This essentially turns you into a robot, doing the same task over and over, you might as well use baritone it's literally no different.

2. The Execution:

The premise by itself would not be that bad, the problem is that 99% of these servers are literally the exact same thing. They have their little mines, stone to netherite, they have their villagers, usually 2-3 for each type of gear, their compressor and that's it, EVERY server is the exact same thing. It would be much more fun if they had more features, at least something more than the most basic setup you can imagine

3. The Gap:

There is usually a massive gap between the ranked players and the newer players, this gap is the smallest on boxers, though it's still large enough that most of the time the top players are unkillable (unless you have a client ;), thus it becomes demotivating for new players because they get killed over and over while barely making any progress.


With that being said, I probably will try setting one of these up just to see if it's hard or easy, though as with other server types, you're forced to either pay up or bunker up

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What is the largest free mh server you've seen?

16/5/21 - 53 was reached


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I wouldn’t even restrict this to just skymining servers either. Just the lack of originality in general is the issue with servers. 

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