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The Dangers of Being a Developer.


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I would just like to bring awareness to a topic that is not seen a lot inside the Minehut community, but needs attention. A particular danger, is the Minehut Console. Not the console itself, but giving console access. Im not talking about the effects on your server, itself. Im talking about from the other side, the developers. When I was granted Console access on a server, all was well until:

I asked about pay. It started pretty chill, until they started to ask odd questions. So I decided to resign, then come back. But then I was banned from the server, and Threatened my IP Address  and my location. I was on a vpn at the time, but it still showed what can go on. In the MineHut console, there is some IP tracking. Things lead to another, so i brought to to MineHut Staff. Mostly @Faacto  . But i just want everyone to be aware that logging into someones account, may not be the best idea.

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