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How to make it clickable?



Hello, i have a skript (not made by me) that sends the discord invite link in chat when you do /discord. However it isn't clickable, how do i make it clickable so people can actually go to the discord?

Heres the Skript.


    HeaderFooter: &8&m-----------------------------------&f

command /discord [<player>]:
        if arg 1 is not set:
            send "{@HeaderFooter}"
            send " "
            send "&cYou can join the Discord here!"
            send "*insert discord*"
            send " "
            send "{@HeaderFooter}"


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There is a config option in Skript's config to make links clickable

You can also do something like send "<link:https://minehut.com>Minehut website<reset>" to make clickable text

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