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How to add prefixes to tablist with luckperms and Essentials



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In the Essentials config.yml there is a setting to enable prefixes in the playerlist/tablist

Edit the settings change-displayname and change-playerlist to true (By default the change-playerlist option has a # in front of it, make sure to remove that one!), save the config and use /ess reload in-game. After you send a chat message your prefix should show up.


DMs open - Discord » mrtibo | or send a forum message

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3 minutes ago, FicaGaming99 said:

So I made my [OWNER] rank, but it only shows it in chat, and I want it to be visible in tablist too, so send help

You can use either Skript or the plugin TAB to do this. Just install it from the plugins section on your dashboard and head to the config.yml! 🙂

(Make sure you have vault installed)

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