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Wrong world spawn



After logging back in to my server earlier, I spawned in a different world with reset achievements, inventory and crafting book. Fearing something had been overwritten, I restored my save from the night before. After logging in again I was placed in a 3rd world with everything reset again. Then I discovered the /world command and was able to go back to my original world, albeit with my inventory still gone. Now when I die or log in to the serer I still spawn in that 3rd world and lose my inventory, and was wondering how to fix it? I never installed any mods or plugins, and the only settings I altered were "world name" and "server visibility." When I do /worlds, there are 2 listed. "world," the correct one, along with its Nether and End worlds, and "CRAB STORE," but it's missing the Nether and End worlds and when I click on it it gives the text "That world does not exist!" I'm not sure if any of that's relevant, but I just need to find out how fix spawn to be in the correct world. Please let me know if you need any more details

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