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Appeal (i got banned forever)


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Username: horseboiarcher

What punishment did you receive: ban for life

Was the punishment fair: no

Why should you be unpunished: Because i legit just wanna play warzone :I

What were the events that led to your punishment: When i signed in i had to enter a captcha thing, and i made a mistake in the captcha which for some reason came up with “ban expires: never” i get that same message when i try to log onto Warzone

Additional comments:

i just hope i get unbanned, and also the coding is a bit stupid to be honest. It could just say that captcha was wrong try again like most sites do, rather than a ban for life :I

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Yeah appeals have to be made here for punishments. 

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    [IMG]    button.png?t=Appeal&f=Calibri-Bold&ts=26&tc=fff&tshs=1&tshc=000&hp=20&vp=8&c=10&bgt=gradient&bgc=1d0dea&ebgc=1a0855&be=1 button.png?t=Rules&f=Calibri-Bold&ts=26&tc=fff&tshs=1&tshc=000&hp=20&vp=8&c=10&bgt=gradient&bgc=1d0dea&ebgc=1a0855&be=1  

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