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Problem uploading world



Im trying to upload the world file for our server world with all our data and progress back onto our server. my friend who owns the server forgot to make an online backup when he was messing with datapacks and our entire world and all our progress from the past 4 months has been completely deleted from the server; but we still have the up to date world file in our possession, it's just a matter of putting it on the server. The issue is whenever we try to upload it, through the site we just see a blank popup after it finishes and it's not showing up through /worlds, and the /ul world <name> <link> command just gives us an error message saying "invalid files". the file size is 640 mb, so I cant use a file.io link in place of dropbox, Im really just at a loss for what to do. How can we fix this with all our builds and player data intact?

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The upload limit on Minehut is 500mb. But the error should have been something else if it was too big instead of invalid files. Make sure the link is a dierct link to the download of the zip file. And also make sure the zip is not a zip of the folder in which the world is located in. 

To reduce the world size, you could try deleting unnecessary files. Like delete the datapack folder and just reupload them after the world is on the server. And if the world has a dim1 and dim-1 folders in it, those are the nether and end worlds and you can just upload then separately. You could also try deleting region files to try and reduce it too. 

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