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Uploading an adventure map



I got nostalgic and wanted to do play Herobrine's Mansion from like 2013 or 2014 when a bunch of old mcyts played on it and when it was on the Hypixel server.

I got it downloaded and in my /worlds list on my server but its unplayable because none of the command blocks really work, I think I have to go around and set them all?? I'm not sure how command blocks work, I know nothing about redstone and command blocks.

Command blocks are enabled on my server and the world does load and everything, I just don't know what else I could be missing.

I was wondering if anyone can help me out and possibly get this adventure map working if thats possible? I would love to play this adventure map again with my friends 🙂

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First you have to upload the map to the server. Reading your message, I assume you have already done this. Because the map you want to play has command blocks, you need to go to the settings portion of your panel, find Allow Command Blocks, and set that to true. Then restart your server!

Hope I helped!

If I helped you at all, leave a like!

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