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why cant i join my minehut server?



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Sorry you're having this problem 😞


Here are some things you could do to troubleshoot the issue:

1. If there are any things you have done that could have possibly caused the server to crash and you have a backup saved, try to restore that backup. (Backups can be found and restored in the BACKUPS tab)

2. Try force-hibernating your server. Sometimes this works, but it is not always a sure way to fix the server. (This can be found in the DANGER ZONE tab). If the server does not hibernate after a few minutes, try letting the server idle for some time to let it hibernate automatically.

3. Try repairing your server files. (This can be also found in the DANGER ZONE tab)

4. If you have any large Skript files, try temporarily removing them.

5. If all efforts fail, visit https://minehut.com/support to view FAQ's and/or create a support ticket.


You can also visit our Discord for additional help in #support!

» IGN: _iZ_ «

» Joined: 12/18/2016 «

» VIP: 1/13/2018 «

» Helper: 1/29/2021 «

» [<3]: 5/8/2021 «

» Skript dev «

» Discord: iZz#0420 «

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