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what'd i do if someone, joined, griefed my house then left



some random guy joined the friend server i was playing on and started destroying the place, he asked for a piece of iron and since it was my first day playing Minecraft in a while i didn't mind to much. later as i was repairing the damage he had already done he made flint and steel outa the iron and started burning the place, this lasted for about 10 minutes and then left says "all done".  i notified the server owner to see if he can prevent this from happening again but i would like to know if there is some way I can get back at him or not ?

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Griefing a server is against the minehut rules.

You can report the player at the below link if you have enough evidence of them griefing your server.


Also, to prevent such stuff happening, execute these commands:

-> /whitelist on

-> /whitelist add (friend's-name)

This won't allow random people to join your server.

In case you don't have permission to do that, go to your server panel and execute "op (your-ingame-name)" in console and try doing those commands again.

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My DMs are always open for help.

You can also message via. forum messages for help.


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