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World Spawn on uploaded world is different than survival world


Firstly, I'm not entirely too sure that the world was uploaded. I didn't get a notification when the world was uploaded, nor did I see any world listed in the "Upload World" section. However, when I spawned in, the world was set in the middle of the night, so I'm sure something happened.

However, the world spawn in the server world is much different than the one in my survival setting. The worlds should be both the same, but I am not right next to my home (since I built that right next to world spawn).

Did the world really upload? Does World Spawn change if a world is uploaded? Any help I can get from you guys would be much appreciated.

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Yes it does.

I've been doing skript for 4 years and a half. I don't find my self a "better" skripter or do competitions against others.

I just wish people can just get along & just help each out and be kind to one and another.


I have been hosting ValkNet for 6 years and a half

ever since 2015 when i joined minehut around February or January.


I'm the owner of ValkyrieNetwork (known as ValkNet) | https://discord.gg/KsaEPesnmU

A great service that i provided for the minehut community!



Discord: https://discord.gg/KsaEPesnmU

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