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My Server Is Stopping Every 20 Second i join



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What is the error message it sends when it kicks you?

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Nothing just kicks my out and send that "Welcome back wakicial"

find us on social media

twitter: wadawd

youtube wad

discord ada


please use /ad server message to promote your server. promoting it in normal chat will resukt in a mute

and when i close and i try to join it says:

sending you to IRLPRISON!

Could not connect to a default or fallback server please try aging later: ionetty.channel.abstractchannel$annotatedconnectexpection

and also when i look at the panel and start there its says : starting ..... then after 30 sec

when i look "closed"

please help i spent a lot of time getting my classiac prison server done!

Edited by Wakicial
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1. Try connecting through the lobby

2. Try connecting through this IP (irlprison.minehut.gg)

3. Make sure you are on the latest version of Minecraft.

4. Maybe your just banned / not whitelisted.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/83y123

Discord: 83y#2552

IGN: 83y


If your seeing this I am currently banned from Posting, the Discord and GitHub

I have helped out countless player's and been re-payed with multiple bans.

staff are attention seeking and biased, i'd just leave for your sake.

your just wasting your time.


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1 i tryed not working (i got in but aging closed after 30s)

2 same as 1

3 im in 1.16.4 closed after 30s

4 i did it it dint work

and also i tryed opening it from the panel and it opens starting... online 7 sec OFFLINE

edit: and it can't be cuz i dont have enough money cuz my dad just send me 100 bucks 5 days ago

and if i finally get in for 7 min then it says proxy lost con and closed server

but thanks anyways

Edited by Wakicial
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