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Hello and welcome to the Minehut forums! Thank you for taking the time to click on this post to read through and learn how to correctly use our forums. We understand that the forums is a bit of a tricky maze to work around and use correctly and hope this post can inform you of the correct usage of each category. Below is an explanation of the categories and what each should be used for.


General - This subforum intended for any and all discussion related to Minecraft or Minehut. Discuss any recent updates, lobby secrets, upcoming features and general discussion.

Off-Topic - Any discussion which is not related specifically to Minecraft or Minehut belongs in this category. Discuss changes in the world, other games, funny stories, share your creations and more. 

Introduce Yourself - This category is the hub for your own personal introduction to the Minehut community. Please don't use this for posting farewell posts 

Suggestions -This subforum is where we will create areas that we want community feedback on. This category will most likely be only for plugins as we have migrated all suggestions onto the Meta platforms which can be found by typing !meta in the botcmds channel on our Discord.

  Plugin Suggestions - Suggestions related to plugins which you want adding onto Minehut or updating to work properly. 


Help - This category is intended to be used if you require any form of support from the members of the community. Whether that be problems such as opping yourself, how to upload/download a world and more!

Skript - This subforum is where every post should be related to involving the popular plugin Skript. 

  Discussion - Any ongoing discussion related to skript belongs here. You may also use this category as a place to ask questions related specifically to skript, bare in mind most people   don't enjoy 'spoon-feeding' peoples skripts so please be weary of that.

  Releases - Have a functioning skript you want to release to the public? Feel free to send it here, we recommend uploading it to a pastebin/hastebin first so your skript isn't messed up   through forums formatting.

Server Advertisements - This channel is where you can easily find or advertise servers that you want to join, this is not the place to recommend support or help for your server though!

Marketplace - This is where you can offer or request direct assistance with your server. Whether you're looking for developers, builders or moderators, this is the place to go.


That's all the public channels which you have access to view. Every post you view can be viewed by staff members and if your post does not follow our rules, you may be punished.

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