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How to whitelist your server.


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Player Stats

IGN - ES63

Rank - Pro


Server Stats

RascalPVP - Owner

RandKits - Owner

DoodySim - Owner



do that ^^^^

i will heart back (i promise)


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Guest Mister_R2

Hello, yesterday I turned on whitelist and today when I am trying to turn on the server and go in (because I whitelisted myself) and the problem now is that there is a error when I start the server then I get this error

Error: Unable to access jarfile server.jar

And when I type /whitelist off then it doesn't do anything so I thought that it had worked then I tried to join it again but it didn't work it gave me a message io.netty.chanel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectedException:finishConnect(..) failed: Connection refused: /***.25575

And now I'm here.

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Guest Mister_R2
[12:20:53 ERROR]: [MinehutCosmetics] Plugin MinehutCosmetics v1.0.0 has failed to register events for class com.minehut.cosmetics.cosmetics.listeners.EmojiListener because io/papermc/paper/event/player/AsyncChatDecorateEvent does not exist.

this error also appears when starting.

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Guest Nealayves
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