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Where's my world download?



I'm new to minehut but I set up an account and made my server. I had some friends on earlier and we played all day and I forgot to turn on whitelist. Luckily, before going afk I clicked the Save World button so just in case something happened I wouldn't lose anything. Sure enough, someone came on and stole my stuff. So what I did when I was testing this earlier was just reset the server and it brought back everything that had been there when I saved it. This did not happen this time. It ended up giving me a whole new world, so I went to try and upload the world from my computer, since I had hit the Save World button. So far I have not been able to find the world anywhere. I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong place? Please help

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The save button and command does not actually save a copy of the world anywhere on the server. It just force saves the world. To get a copy of your world, you do /dl world <world> to download it. Since you reset your server, there is no way to get your world and server back to what it was before. Next time, you should whitelist the server and maybe even get a plugin called CoreProtect. The plugin allows you to rollback parts of your server a certain time. 

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