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Server problem



I have this server problem that makes you immune to any damages ingame while being in survival mode. I found out that it was because we are OP'ed from the server, however we only encountered it now and it was never a problem before.  I installed the joinOP before so that everyone of my friends who joins the server gets OP'ed but so far it was not a problem and I think it didn't affect anything at all. 

I need to make my friends OP because they cannot build near a person's structure because the person is OP'ed. Also I encountered a problem that when I am holding a block then I right clicked, the block becomes a headgear or something, not just a block but any item can be worn on the head.


EDIT: I also tried changing the server's gamemode in the panel to survival but it still didn't work. pls help

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If it is going on your head, do /pt to clear powertools, it could run /hat (if you have essentials)


If you have worldguard, you can do:

/rg addowner __global__ <friendname>


It might not be the right command, I haven't been on minecraft for 6 days *cough* Mojang support sloW *cough*



im bacc

i cant stop doing the chika dance


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